About Us

We are building the future of health care delivery.

Who are we?

ClickCare is the best online community to get medical advice.  We make it easy and smooth everyday to ensure easy access to healthcare professionals worldwide for thousands of users creating a magical experience for medical experts and users. ClickCare is a virtual consult service from Click Media. It connects thousands of patients to Africa’s most advanced healthcare network.  It gives patients the freedom to consult a Doctor at conveniently from anywhere, anytime. It’s easy and interactive. Users can chat a doctor at the click of a button.


Our Products

  • Ask a Doctor : Our platform provides free access to health care providers and one-on-one interaction with doctors using your mobile phone you can communicate with doctors from various specialties around the world.
  • Find Healthcare Facility : Locate the nearest health care facility near you online with ease. All facilities are registered and verified.
  • Hospital Management Software : Our hospital management software enables doctors to manage information for one or more health facilities around world. Doctors can communicate with patients and manage their practice.


We value privacy and transparency in finding solutions to health care challenges.  We value technology and tap into its enormous potential to overcome intricate problems.


The low income population in Nigeria continues to face fundamental challenges in health care due to lack of access, low affordability, low quality and exploitative care .

For many people who are willing to pay  to access healthcare, the drawback turns out to be the location of health facilities relative to where they live.

There are people who are both willing to foot their health bills and travel hundreds of miles to get to a hospital but end up being disappointed because of the poor state of the health facility, the inadequate number of health personnel and even the attitude of the health staff.


We developed an integrated mobile technology platform that enables health care professionals to connect patients to doctors in order to obtain timely and easy medical advice .

Users who consult a doctor via this web app, before visiting the hospital, can have their online consult easily migrated to that hospital’s EMR system where it becomes part of the users’ medical records.

Aggregation of health facilities into a searchable online directory based on medical specialties, available and functioning facilities, types of services rendered and staff strength.


Users can get informed medical opinion from medical doctors right from the home page of our website by filling out some details .

Navigation is easy and fast . Users can find nearby health centres and hospitals by clicking on the “Find Nearby Clinic” button .


The solution is cost effective as it requires no additional equipment or infrastructure by using available mobile phones, internet and local health professionals .

Using  the web app is easy and takes less than an hour to train health professionals because almost everyone is already familiar with the use of mobile phones .

The solution reduces travel cost and is accessible locally to patients via health workers.